Where it all started…

Freedom Podiatry and Health was established in 2019 by podiatrist Ed Murray with a simple goal in mind. To create an environment where both he and his clients feel empowered and stimulated to thrive in all aspects of their health.

Every diagnosis and every treatment plan is centred around your body’s amazing and innate ability to heal and adapt. Ed uses techniques that are proven to facilitate your own internal strengthening and healing mechanisms, to reach an optimal state of function. The management of chronic pain and conditions related to your feet and legs can completely change your life.

As a sport and fitness lover, Ed has a particular interest in promoting and facilitating physical activity in all age groups. His special interests include running mechanics, foot strengthening, balance training and arthritis management. With physical inactivity being the 4th leading risk factor in global mortality rates, the need to keep moving has never been more crucial. And it all starts with your feet.

Ed has a fantastic network of local, like-minded health professionals that he routinely works with. In addition to seeing him, he may recommend the involvement of one of these superstars.

On a more personal note, Ed is from Adelaide and is still trying to fully embrace NRL. Until recently he played AFL and cricket, which are close to his heart, but he’s not all that fussy when it comes to sport. He loves cooking, eating, live music and trotting around the Eastern Suburbs and Beaches

Don’t forget to wave or say G’day as you walk past the clinic, and if you have any questions about your feet or your training Ed’s only too happy to help. Email hello@freedompah.com.au, or book an appointment online.