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Kids Podiatry

Children’s feet are fascinating little things, and as they grow, everything changes. Their posture will change, as will the shape and the arch of their feet. There are no set rules as to how, how much, or exactly when these changes should occur. Podiatrists are trained, however, to monitor children and determine whether the changes being noticed are within healthy expectations. Sometimes children’s feet and legs need a little help to develop into the strong, stable, mobile adaptors that we would ideally like to see.

Ed wants all children to have the freedom to play and create without restriction or hesitation. He considers his assessments as a really valuable way to understand the current developmental status of each child. This can be used to monitor them, plan for the expected changes as they grow, and direct interventions that may be required to optimise their health and development.

Children are so beautifully curious. So curious in fact, that some children develop habits of caring for their feet that are, sadly, not all that helpful. Picking at nails, kicking table (or sibling) legs, dirty socks and shoes are just a few of the interesting ways kids care for their feet. Managing these little speed bumps and providing simple foot educational tips are all part of what Ed is here to help with.

Another curiosity that we in the medical field all share are warts. Contagious little so-and-sos that seem to spread fantastically among children. Whilst the small, painless ones can often be left to fall off on their own, warts under the feet present much more of a problem. These warts tend to grow deeper into the feet and can develop into nasty, painful lesions that require treatment.  

Ed is just a big kid at heart and loves nothing more than putting smiles on little faces. If you would like your child’s posture or gait assessed, if you’ve noticed a change in your child’s activity levels, or especially if you’ve heard them complain of pain, please don’t hesitate in bringing them to see Ed.