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Sporting injuries are cruel, and often inevitable parts of doing what we love on the sporting field. It is important to accept that sometimes we need some time on the sidelines to allow the body to rest and recover. Don’t panic and don’t dismay, your body is on your wants to be fixed. But it cannot and should not be rushed. Early assessment and diagnosis is crucial to understanding the extent of injury, and the all-important expected recovery time. When the time is right, rehabilitation is vital. Rehab can be a lonely and boring place, which is why the right advice and a strong plan is crucial. Acute and chronic injuries are no different in the need for clear diagnosis and a purposeful management strategy.

Every injury presents an opportunity to not just heal damaged tissue, but to strengthen muscles and build movement patterns that can reduce reinjury rates, and improve future performance. As a podiatrist and sport lover, Ed can help treat any injury related to the lower limb. So if you are struggling with a sports related foot/leg injury or inspired to improve your performance, Ed would love to help.