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Walking/Running Gait

Walking and running gait assessments are a fantastic way to understand more about how you move everyday. On average, we do 7000 steps per day and understanding what goes into each of these steps is really important. Walking exerts a load to your joints that is approximately 3 times your body weight. This can increase to 12 times your body weight when running. That’s for every step!

Your body is an incredible beast that is specifically designed to manage these loads, and in fact it loves it. The human foot is an engineering phenomenon that adapts and attenuates these stresses mostly without making a single peep. And like all aspects of the human body, our feet need certain amounts of load, stress and strain to stay strong and healthy. But we cannot ignore them. We cannot routinely overload, overstress and overstrain them. We cannot put them inside harmful shoes, dismiss consistent niggles (polite cries for help), or speak unkindly to them (they can hear you).

If you are interested in having your gait and posture assessed, please don’t hesitate in coming to see Ed. He’ll spend time showing and explaining exactly how you move and how to best harness this knowledge to your benefit.

If you run Ed is especially keen to help you. If you are struggling with injury (injuries) or impaired performance and are interested in having your running technique, training methods and strength examined, please book a consult. As a runner himself, Ed understands the blissful peace found in a pain free run and the unrivalled satisfaction from a solid session. Nothing gives him more pleasure than helping runners reach their goals, be you an experienced runner or just getting started.


Ed is passionate about not over prescribing orthotics. The use of orthotics and other structural treatments can work terrifically to reduce stress and strain on pathological tissues, to promote healing and facilitate movement. Such therapies should always be used in conjunction with appropriate strength and movement training to promote optimal muscular and joint function and should never be seen as a sole treatment option.

Ed uses the latest in 3D scanning and digital scripting technology to deliver the most specific and tailored customised orthotics. If you think you might need orthotics, are struggling with an old pair, or are interested in reducing your dependance on them,  please book a consult. You might be surprised with the outcome. He’ll spend time discussing with you how orthotics are designed to work and more importantly how your foot is designed to work with and without the orthotics.