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Functional Therapies and Shockwave

Manual Therapies

Manual therapy techniques target the function of the countless joints, muscles, tendons, fascias and nerves within your feet and legs. Foot mobilisation therapy (FMT), dry needling, soft tissue release techniques can work to reduce neuromuscular stress (tight, knotted muscle tissue), to remove pain and restore optimal function. Additionally, these therapies can improve joint health and mobility. As an APA trained manual therapist, Ed has spent years refining his application of these techniques, learning from and collaborating with some of Australia’s most revered FMT experts. He has loved working with with many of the country’s brightest sporting and dancing talents, but gets just as much joy from simply helping people walk with ease and comfort.

Strength/Movement Training

The two key pillars of human movement are neuromuscular control and muscular strength. Neuromuscular control is fundamental to human movement. Think of this as the communication between the brain and muscles. Specific training exercises can be used to foster this relationship and ensure your movement remains strong, stable and fluid. Something as simple as spreading all your toes, and trying to move them individually can be all it takes. When communication between brain and muscles is strong we are best positioned to improve strength. Strength influences performance benefits like how fast you run or how far you can kick, but also to daily fundamentals like climbing stairs, getting up from a chair, and balance when walking.

Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave Therapy is an exciting new treatment tool in the world of chronic soft tissue injuries. Shockwaves work in two incredible and unique ways; firstly in the shockwaves themselves moving through damaged tissue, and secondly, in the cavitation bubbles they leave behind after passing through. Their benefits can be summarised into two simple categories:

1. Improved healing - through the creation of new blood vessels and;
2. Pain relief - by reducing nociceptive nerve fibre activity, which are the nerve cells responsible for pain.

Shockwave is tailor made for chronic, recalcitrant soft tissue pathologies such as Achilles tendinopathy, Plantar heel pain (“Plantar fasciitis”) and Tibialis Posterior Tendinopathy. It is also terrific in the management of muscle aches and pains related to nasty trigger points or Myofascial Pain Syndrome.

If you would like any further information about Shockwave therapy simply email Ed any of your questions at and he will respond straight away.